Dragon's Run

Burning Bridges (and Neighborhoods)

- Killed the Wolf Pack leader as she was about to hack the merchant’s son into little pieces in their sewer hideout under the Nine Lions Taproom.

- Returned the boy (who seemed drugged) to Dennen. Dennen arranged for him to be taken to the merchant. Said he would arrange for the party to meet with the merchant Lord Gelimer for their reward.

- The next day the went to Lord Gelimer’s estate in Riverview. They were invited to a banquet, and were asked cryptic questions, which they failed (so they did not get a guest house in the Riverview district)

- Guards of Dragon’s Run entered the manor and attempted to arrest the adventurers. Sir Gallantine had ordered their arrest for “friendly fire”

- The party resisted, fought and killed the guards, and proceeded to burn down the manor. Fat Lord Gelimer was too heavy to be escorted from the manor, he as well as the other merchants at the banquet were killed in the fire. The fire spread and burnt a large portion of Riverview.

- The party escaped the city and are now wandering the open plains of Dragon’s Run. They encountered an unoccupied ork camp. As they were leaving, the orcs were returning with three massive ogres! The beasts were ready to charge, and the party luckily escaped.

- They have been surviving in the wilderness for a few days now, avoiding the dangers that lurk… Things are looking pretty grim.




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