Dragon's Run

Friends In High Places

Still deep within the curious and ancient underground stone complex, our adventurers were being telepathically taunted by three tentacled demons. “You shall not find the spear! You shall not put the spear here!” After searching (again) for secret doors throughout the complex, our brave heroes decided to take the three evil entities head on. As an arrow was fired, the three merged into one considerably large hideous creature with several thick tentacles and two disquieting red eyes. The elf and three dwarves valiantly defeated their foe and found their way (after much difficulty) to a portal leading them to the floating spear. Samhain picked up the ancient weapon and was immediately compelled to place it on the pedestal where they fought the multi-apendaged creature. The spear was placed into the hole and a blinding white light flooded the complex. All of its cracked and moss-covered walls were replaced with pristine golden and white colors. An angelic voice spoke to the adventurers, thanking them for expelling the evil. They journeyed back to Dragon’s Run and returned the old tomes over to the Magicus Collectum where Wellington told them the Arch Mage would look them over and that they should return to the Collectum within the next few days. Samhain gave the demon eye and poison spider glands to Tildon in the Asirian Alchemy Shop in exchange for information on where to obtain poisons. He told Samhain to speak to Dolon Durje, a bartender at the Nine Lions Taproom. Ironically enough, as they were looking for a new adventure to embark upon, they learned this taproom was also a hideout of enemies of the city guard. They spoke with Dennen, one of the guard captains of Dragon’s Run, who explained to them that a gang of thieves had kidnapped a wealthy merchant’s son. The guard knows that the gang is affiliated with and operating out of the Nine Lions, but explained that whenever they try to enter, the gang has mysteriously cleared out. Frustrated and disgruntled, he asked the adventurers for help. He told them they would need some fancy clothes since it is a place for wealthy patrons. They went to Galindo’s Taylor Shop in Linil, (which was quite an uncomfortable experience for Samhain!), bought their fancy, if not eccentric clothing, and were off to the Nine Lions. They tried to enter the establishment but were not on the guest list, so the bulky guards told them to get lost. As they were leaving, Bogdog saw some men unloading crates from the back door. The heroes snuck around the corner and the dwarves attempted to distract the men carrying large sacks so Samhain could slip inside. As Bogdog hastily grabbed one of the sacks, several dismembered human body parts fell out of it. One man shouted to the others, “Kill them all! Nobody who sees this remains alive!” The chapter concluded with our well-dressed heroes covered in blood, and several dead men (and one dead dwarf) lying prone in a back alley, all accompanied by the sound of drunken debauchery coming from inside the taproom…
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