Dragon's Run

Nightmares and New Beginnings

- The party found an abandoned hamlet on the outskirts of Dragon’s Run. They killed the remaining wandering undead, and when they settled for the night, they were surrounded by a strange purple mist. The mist had transported them to the Nightmare Lands, leaving them on a dark sandy beach illuminated by three different sized moons, and large glowing orbs all along the coast. They fought several strange floating heads, climbed the steep cliff, and met “Walks Alone” and later the Abber nomads. They learned that they could escape the Nightmare Lands if they went to the City of Nod. After battling strange creatures on the journey through the forest of the island and wandering the odd streets of Nod, the party came upon The Clinic for the Mentally Distressed and met Dr. Illhousen. He was able to hypnotize them and send them into Sylus the sailor’s nightmare. They battled his inner demons, and creatures summoned by the Nightmare Man that had taken over poor Sylus’ mind. All of the adventurers were transported back to the hamlet near Dragon’s Run except for Bogdog, who remains in the Nightmare Lands in Dr. Illhousen’s clinic.




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