Dragon's Run

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's Off to Dragon's Run We Go

The journey begins with our adventurers traveling through the Lothan Forest. The last few weeks have seen the death and destruction of hundreds. A curse has befallen the land, and people seek refuge in the ancient city of Dragon’s Run. Sir Geth leading 200 villagers, strides bravely down the forest path. Zephyr the ranger scouts through the trees undetected, following the large party. The dwarven trio: Bogdog, Kringle, and Mongo join with Sir Geth and guard the rear of the large caravan. Along their journey they came across imposters posing as tax collectors from Dragon’s Run, but these liars’ coat of arms did not match that of the aforementioned city, and Sir Geth, with his noble words, managed to convince these thieves to stand aside and let them pass. He valiantly led them through the eerily silent forest, and that night as the large group of travelers set camp and lit their fires, the ranger slept high atop a tree in the forest, hidden from the large group, only to be approached by undead wolves in the night, alerting Sir Geth’s party. Sir Geth, the dwarven trio, and Zephyr managed to defeat these foul canines and protect the frightened villagers. If that wasn’t enough, one of the villagers was bitten that night by a man Sir Geth had allowed to join their party, who was carrying the undead infection. The next day they emerged from the forest and finally arrived before Dragon’s Run. Before their eyes was a large camp with hundreds of tents and armored soldiers on horesback at the base of the mountain of the legendary city. Sir Geth gave the woman who was bitten over to the guards, and the party spent the rest of the day mischievously. That night they heard horrible blood-curdling screams coming from the tent of those infected. These unfortunate souls were being burnt alive by the torch wielding guards. The reminder that these were dark times rang clear as the priestesses of the Church of the One Mother chanted prayers over the cries of agony… The following day, those in the encampment were allowed to enter beyond the gates of Dragon’s Run, and were stationed in the shanty-towns of Snolst. Hot, overpopulated, yet safer than before, what they have learned about the world so far is this: 1- King Effrim is no longer ruling the city, and many believe him to be dead . 2- Undead and beasts wander outside beyond the city walls. 3- Bandits have kidnapped a wealthy merchant’s son. Perhaps Dennen, a guard officer may know further information. 4- The cause of the “Curse” is unknown, but many believe it to be a doing of the elves seeking vengeance upon humanity for enslaving them centuries past. The more devout religious merely believe that the forces of evil now outweigh the forces of good, for their spells have lost potency.

Templar encampment by gothicalchemist7x d4z0c5v



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