Dragon's Run

The Fools on the Hill

The adventurers had completed a very important quest for the Church of Ellophias- they had found one of the magical staves of their goddess in a remote monastery south of Dragon’s Run. They returned to the city the following day and went to see Mother Alaena who was eager to hear news of the monastery’s situation. After hearing the grim truth, she humbly thanked the party and healed them of their wounds (and curses!) She then asked for the staff. She took it in her hands, closed her eyes, and began chanting a soft song-like prayer in an attempt to telepathically locate it’s missing part. Unexpectedly, she began to violently convulse, her eyes rolled back, and she fell limp onto the cold stone floor of the church. The other priestesses rushed forth and attempted to awaken the high priestess to no avail. The adventurers had no appropriate skills to remedy the situation, so they left the church confused, leaving the other priestesses to take care of Mother Alaena, who now lies unconscious. Unsure of what to do, they ran some personal errands around the large city. After a while, they realized they were being followed by a dark cloaked figure whose face was hidden beneath a thick woolen dark brown hood. After becoming aware that they were being followed, the party approached the lurker. He removed his cowl, revealing his horrifying skinless muscle and cartilaged face. He introduced himself as Wellington, an apprentice of Faegen, Arch Mage of the magical university in Dragon’s Run, the Magicus Collectum. He told the party that he “happened” to overhear their conversation with Mother Alaena. The Collectum is also very interested in individuals willing to leave the saftey of the city and retrieve certain items. He told the party that if they were to find artifacts from ancient ruins the Magicus Collectum was excavating before the Curse, they would be paid handsomely for their efforts. After discussing amongst each other (and Jimmy the thief almost getting killed by a stray dog) the adventurers were off once again… So far in this strange stone complex underneath a moss covered hill, the party has found a large gem inside of a room trapped with flames throughout the floor, a magical mace, a brass shield, a ring, a pristine golden necklace with a star-shaped diamond in its pendant, and several vials, scrolls and illegible tomes thousands of pages thick. They have encountered some armored skeletons, a nest of bats, and a horrifying trio of tentacled demons who telepathically repeat over and over “You shall NOT find the spear”…




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