Dragon's Run

They're Underground; You've Probably Never Heard of Them

“In the dark alley behind the Nine Lions Taproom, you stand catching your breath while your
foes now lie dead on the cobblestone street; their blood flowing in intricate patterns.
Approaching from a distance, you see a lone figure moving in your direction. This figure
appears to be quite tall with a slight muscular build and long hair, but the darkness prevents
you from seeing any further details…"

- This was how the party came to meet Vojona: the female ork, axe-weilding thief.
She recognized the dead men in the alley that the party had killed. She mentioned that they once
tried to rob her and regretfully, one got away. She knew them to be part of a gang calling
themselves the “Wolf Pack” and she willingly offered to help the party eliminate them.

- They entered the kitchen of the Nine Lions Taproom and found a secret hatch in the floor leading to the sewers. They went down about 50’ into the dank stone surroundings, and managed to ambush the Wolf Pack in their secret hideout. They did not, however, find the missing merchant’s son.

- After having killed the Wolf Pack leader; a tall man with long white hair and a grey wolf pelt
worn over his body, the adventurers took Mongo, the fallen dwarf, to the Church of Ellophias for
healing. The priestess read a scroll of resurrection, which he survived. He has been ordered by
the sisters to rest in the temple for the next two weeks. (Lucky bastard!)

- The adventurers returned to the slums of Snolst and went to Grizon the armorer and weaponsmith,
where he improved their swords, giving them razored edges and a glowing reddish tint to the
iron blades.

-Three days later, they ventured back to the underground Wolf Pack lair. On the roof of the Nine Lions were three archers, presumably of the Wolf Pack. They did not seem to notice the adventurers in the crowded afternoon streets. Three city guards crossed the adventurers’ path, and witnessed Samhain kill a rooftop archer. The arrow struck true and slayed the fellow before he even knew what hit him. The other two quickly fled the roof through a hatch, and disappeared.

- The adventurers made it back down to the lair, killed the fleeing gang members, as well as other members of the Wolf Pack, including a woman wearing a black wolf pelt, who was just seconds from chopping up the merchant’s son.

- The adventurers are currently underground in a blood-stained room full of shackles, saws, and other torture devices. They know there are still more members of the gang hiding down in the sewers…




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