Mother Alaena

High Priestess of the Church of Ellophias


High priestess of the Church of Ellophias


Mother Alaena, like all priestesses of Ellophias, wears the traditional garb of a light silken skirt around her waist, and not much else. Clergy members of the Church of Ellophias may only be female since their goddess is regarded as the “One True Mother.” They also expose their bare breasts as a symbolic reference of their motherly nature; a gift granted to all females by Ellophias herself.

Mother Alaena is a soft spoken woman with blue eyes and curly shoulder length brown hair. She is a firm believer that Ellophias is the only true god, and believes all other gods to be the children of Ellophias (even the evil ones). Mother Alaena is compassionate, caring, and perhaps even a bit naïve, believing that all people can be saved through her god. She is worried about the “Curse” that has befallen the world, and believes it has come about because people have lost their way, which again, Ellophias can correct.

Mother Alaena is currently in a coma after having attempted to telepathically locate the missing half of the Staff of Ellophias

Mother Alaena

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